Thursday, October 23, 2014

14 Things I love about Dubai

I'm pretty sure those who live in Dubai could relate to this topic.

1.      Ramadan timings, nuff' said.

2.    Dubai does everything bigger and better.

3.   Sports car are everywhere in Dubai.

4.      We see some things here that we don't usually see everywhere else.

5.      Driving in Dubai is an adventure.

All roads led to Miracle Garden. 
Photo Courtesy:

6.   We get some incredible perks.

7.    You experience some of the best food here and their delicacies, which automatically classify you as a foodie.

And let's not forget the insane number of itfar's that we've been to.

8.    We whine and moan about morning commutes but really, public transportation is awesome and cheap and always an adventure.
Double-decker bus

9.    Finest shisha cafes here are the best place to chill out - practically all day.

10.    Dubai makes for some great instagramming and photography and we pass by with the beautiful architecture every day.
ANSWER: All of the above.

11. Even celebrities do love Dubai and make frequents post in instagram.

12. We have a built in ice breakers - We never get tired of talking about how hot it is, or how much traffic there is.

Tanning is a lot easier when you’re this close to the sun.

13. If you're an expat, you adopt some of the culture. And you threw some of the arabic words you know out there. Inshala mashala, shuhada....
There, I can speak Arabic too!

14.    Dubai is open 24/7. It's just so convenient.
Al reef manakish at 3am? No problem.

Go to the mall in your pajamas? Mafi Mushkila.

Potato Chips, soda, milk from the grocery at 12am, hell yes!
Name it and they have it! :D

How about you what do you love about Dubai?
Share your thoughts on my comment box below.


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