Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dubai-Dating Experience!

Dubai, being the transient city that it is, is a very hard place to date. In a culture where we’re bombarded with flashy, and the latest and greatest, it’s pretty hard to be happy with what we have, and we’re always looking for the very best. Did Dubai settle having the Trade Center being the tallest building? Nope, it went for Burj Khalifa. Which probably explains the popularity of the social app, Tinder. I heard about it from my colleague named Mitch but never told her that I'm using it. Thanks for her anyway I never get bored in the weekend anymore! 

Basically you sign in through Facebook, choose 5 of your best pictures to have on your Tinder profile, and then your GPS is set to target people in your area. After you fiddle with the age target settings, you have an absolute pool of fish to hook up. 
But I digress. This app is simple enough to use. Swipe a picture left for "NOPE" that person is gone forever. Swipe right for "ME" why not, and if they've done the same for you, it allows you to chat to them. Easy-peasy! You just need to pray that you're not meeting a serial killer or psychopath or false people. ;) And then you’re faced with the duck faces, mirror poses, deep V-necks, sunglasses in car pictures, flexing at the gym and triangle arms.

What everyone's profile picture screams

That moment when you swipe to the left by mistake looks like you swiped off your future husband! :P

So ultimately you’re back where you started after one hour of swiping you've eliminated potential matches in a 15-mile radius and you realize you’re probably going to be single forever. 

Nice try! But NOPE!

Well not completely true, I did make a couple of matched and normal dates. I tend to swap messages with someone over a week and if that person sounds interesting I take it from there. I've been on about 3 dates and most people have been quite nice and thought it was going pretty great, but then got stood up, and proceeded to write this blog post. I vow myself to not gonna meet someone from Tinder anymore. Nuff said.. And get over it... I walk home and ready myself for another night warming my own sheets without company. Tinder may work for some, but it's not the right app for me. So that’s the worst that could happen. At least I didn’t get chopped up into little pieces, put into black garbage bags and dumped into the ocean. 

So there’s a bright side! To be honest, yeah it pretty much sucked, but I guess you’re supposed to go through stuff like this and the point is putting yourself out there blahblahblah. Or I could just get a cat or two. Who needs a man when you have cats!!

Grab a pint of ice cream and feel free to share your Dubai dating disaster woes in the comment box below. 

I think relationships do move quickly here in Dubai, but I think that is because people in a foreign country often arriving alone, so they might feel lonely without the comfort and security that you would normally get from an extended network of friends and family in your hometown. This perhaps propels them into relationships faster plus often people are only here on a temporary basis. Nevertheless, get your turn, download the app, swipe right for Mr. Right and have a happy online dating....  

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