Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Living In The Glamorous City Lights | The Place Where I Don't Belong

I can’t tell you whether or not my feet are itching yet because I only landed a few months and I think the real test comes when you touch back down on the runway of the city you live in. I remember the first time I landed Dubai with a heavy heart wishing I was elsewhere was the day I knew I was going to move away. 

10 months later, I found friends, a job, and enclaves of the city that supported me in the midst of the most difficult transition of my life. I’m grateful for an escape from my comfort zone to the place where I don’t belong. And as an expat living for almost a year now, I have grown to love the emirate more and more. The fact that Dubai, as a cosmopolitan city where people are rushing to from work and home is just a common routine. Apart from the hustle-bustle life there are countless of wonderful things that will make your stay a memorable one. (Pinay Expat)

Ever since I started this blog I have been often posting my experiences all around UAE (mostly in Dubai) from travel to photography and all of those random bits that I have encountered. My main purpose is to document my experience on a specific place and share a bit of knowledge for everyone who’s been in Dubai for so long but aren't aware that such place ever existed or for some who just came on board.

I live in a place where I consider it as the most busy City called - Deira. This place is also convenient and is close to the metro train stations, restaurants, malls and bars etc. Five minutes walk will take you to a variety of restaurants and bars and you can see Filipinos in every corner so I felt like I haven’t left the Philippines at all. 

There is also a place in Dubai which is called Dubai Marina. It consists of high-end skyscrapers and is known for the home of western expats. It's one of the must-see places but food is often costly. The place is quite nice and awesome also close to the famous Palm Jumeirah (man-made island). 


In this area you will find yachts, sky diving and all the luxurious things you can’t even think of. I love the place but I can’t trade it for where I am staying now. I just love my flat and my flatmates. 


It’s a shame that the only thing that comes to mind when one hears Dubai is HOT weather, Islamic country, etc. But walking through the art alleys along of the Dubai Creek, watching the sun go down the beautiful and never ending beaches of Jumeirah, catching the stars in a moonlit night over the desert sky… there’s so much more to Dubai. It’s a vibrant and growing city where expatriates from all over the world are striving to make it a true international city.

I've spent for almost a year now but it felts like I have lived here long. It's my second home currently and most of the travel posts have been juxtaposed against my Filipino nostalgia or my living experiences in the UAE. In most of my writings, culture, history, travel stories unfold amidst the urban backdrop of Dubai. The place where I used to call I don't belong was recently replaced to where I belong.

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