Saturday, December 27, 2014


A Dubai desert safari is a must have experience if you find yourself in the UAE . We’ve been wanting to go on one for AGES but only got around to it yesterday afternoon.

Now for anyone planning to book a desert safari, here is everything you will need to know about this unique experience:

What To Wear?
I wore my F21 Knitted Shirt paired with ripped skinnies, and flat brown boots to the desert safari (plus I took a black scarf with me as it gets pretty chilly at night during the ”winter” months. I was comfortable enough but what I would recommend you should wear is a pair of sweat pants or leggings, a hoodie, and boots or any close shoes would have been way better than open shoes or flip-flops/slippers.

Where To Book?
There are LOADS of desert safari tour operators in Dubai. I’ve heard horror stories of people paying and then not being picked up. We bought our ticket via a special package at Royal Vision. I wouldn’t advise buying straight from the tour company as it’s quite pricey but rather shop around on the daily deal websites as you will get a 50% to 70% discount. We ended up paying Dhs69 per person and that’s a pretty good deal for the whole experience. Our tour operator was not on time to pick us up from the designated meeting point (a norm in PH but impressive for the UAE as punctuality is not a well known concept here).

How To Get There?
Once you book your package, you will be told where to meet the group. This is usually at a particular metro station or a well known landmark. We and about 20 others got picked up by the tour bus at Burjuman Metro Station and the actual road trip to the desert was approximately one hour. Try not to go on the week-end as the tours are crazy full with loads of little kiddies (Sidebar: Mothers, don’t bring your babies on a desert safari…ruins it for you and all the others).  

What To Do?
Once you arrived, you will realize there are about 15 other tour groups there (it’s MANIC and pretty disorganised, which is to be expected once you get to know the way things are done here). We just focused on getting the most out of the experience and not minding the crowds. Some of the activities included dune bashing, camel ride, quad biking, henna painting, picture taking with the Falcon, chilling in the camp site with a shisha, watching the sunset, and eating the buffet BBQ whilst watching belly dancing and Tanura show. The food was fine, although the queues were insane (I ended up with two heaped plates as I was that hungry post all the queuing).
Here's the Highlights:

Another Perfect Sunset...
The Safari Experience..


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  1. Hi Nett, you're right. Desert Safari tours tend to be disorganized and rushed. But it can still be fun specially if you do it with family and friends! :)

  2. Hey, thanks for dropping by, I couldn't agree more.. Btw, I'm also a bit of a reader of your blog ;)