Saturday, May 30, 2015

I Moved To A New City Where I Don't Know A Single Soul.

Moving alone to a new place (whether it’s the other side of the country or the other side of the world) is an experience like no other: part terrifying, part exhilarating.

I moved from small town in manila heading towards the desert - Dubai, having never been here before or having any relatives in the emirates or... hell, even if it's thousand miles away from home, I chose to left town and ventured to the oven City and live the life I want.

To those of you saying that it can't be done and that it would be nice if you had the money to do so... I did it. I've lived here for over a year now and, while I still have no money to my name and work my fingers to the bone to survive, I have developed myself in ways that I never dreamed possible.

I have a small room, a fridge that's never even half full, stacks of on-sale books which have kept me company on lonely nights, a hamper that's always full of dirty clothes, photo booth pictures from drunken nights, Ikea furniture that breaks too easily, one friend, blisters that have turned into calluses, love stories that haven't been written (and probably never should) and MYSELF!

No, it wasn't easy. You're silly if you think that the person who wrote this article is conveying that. It's the hardest thing that I have ever done in my entire life. While I live in one of the most sought after cities in the world, which is constantly filled with people, it's very easy to feel (and be) completely alone.

This city swallowed me up and then threw me out again and I was given the opportunity to mold myself, as I have never done before. And that is what you gain from venturing into the dark parts of your closet at night - the chance to find a world that you have never seen before, and the opportunity to create a beautiful monster in and of yourself. I can coexist with the monster that is myself peacefully, and that is more than most can say about themselves. I once belonged to a small town where everybody knew my name. Now I belong to myself.

A foreign city opens up a diverse mix of people and cultures, including locals who have vastly different perspectives and experiences to yours, and will enrich and widen your outlook in life.