Saturday, October 18, 2014

Grand Mosque and Emirates Palace | Abu Dhabi Mini Tour

Being the capital of the emirates, 
Abu Dhabi made it on my bucket list.

If you're travelling by car, it's 1-hour and a half drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi but if you're planning to go there via public transport, there's only 2 bus terminals in Dubai. One is in IBN Batuta Metro Station and the other is in Al Ghubaiba Bus Station. I think one-way ticket cost is 25 dirhams if I'm not mistaken and for any other queries please contact RTA - my best friend in Dubai. In case you haven't heard about the RTA, it is the Roads and Transport Authority locator in Dubai. If ever you got lost and stuck somewhere and can't manage to find your way out, just call their hotline and they can track your ass off which part of the dessert you were.  

When you think about Abu Dhabi you probably picture massive oil refineries, islamic nation and extremely hot weather. And you might have thought that this is all what they’ve got but you were probably wrong. The City has numerous tourist attractions and historical places.


I've never been to a mosque before, 
So it was the first time I step into this worship place for Muslim people. 
And I am too prying, I couldn't refuse the curiosity running in my head and wonders what’s inside the mosque. 
Do they have an altar? Or statues? 
I have a Muslim friend though I’m still on the state of discerning.

This architectural work of art is so majestic! 
It's one of the largest mosques in the world, 
and there are no entry fees if you're planning to have a visit. 
But visitors must be dressed appropriately on arrival. 
No tight clothing's and all women will be asked to wear a traditional robe (abaya) 
and head scarf (shella) and shoes will be removed before entering the mosque. 


After having a religious visitation, Now we get a chance to see the 5 star luxury Hotel in the heart of Abu Dhabi. But the hotel boasts itself to be a 7 star hotel (no certified organization gave this distinction), which is as much as the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. We didn't check in at the hotel, but we get the privilege of touring the place. We just look around and took our selfies. :) Fortunately, everyone can visit the Emirates Palace, admission is free but you will only access lobbies and exhibitions.

You can find plenty of best places in Abu Dhabi 
such as The Corniche, Ferrari World, Yas Island and many more. 
But I just couldn't trade it for Dubai. 
I like Dubai even more. 

Abu Dhabi
PO Box 94000, Abu Dhabi UAE
Tel: +971 2 444 0444, fax: +971 2 444 0400
Toll free number in the UAE: 800 555

International toll free number: +971 2 666 4442

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