Wednesday, October 22, 2014

World's Tallest Skyscraper: Burj Khalifa

Over-the-top, flashy or flamboyant; whatever preconceived notions you have about Dubai, one thing is for certain – it’s unlike any place you've ever been before. The second-largest of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is the fastest growing city and is a microcosm of Europe, Asia and Africa, all here to witness the breathtaking growth of this already staggering metropolis.  

Tallest building in the world... 
I couldn't agree more.

Being an expat I shouldn't miss the home of 
the world’s largest performing fountain from the heart of 
Downtown Dubai. 

This dancing fountain in this iconic place was really an amazing experience of a lifetime. 

The Dubai Fountain performs daily with a traditional music and I think they’re using a different music every day. The show usually starts at 8pm to 11pm and after every 30 minutes. For the afternoon it starts at 1pm til' 2pm but I prefer to go there at night cause it's more romantic. The dancing fountain is located in Burj Khalifa Lake, right outside The Dubai Mall on the Lower Ground Waterfront Promenade in the heart of Downtown Dubai.  

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Call: 800-DUBAI-MALL (800 38224 6255)

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