Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Floating Restaurant: Dhow Cruise

It’s a lovely evening to go out on a romantic date, and being in Dubai, it has to be somewhere that’s either the biggest in the world or the tallest.

So off we drove to Dubai Creek located in Deira close to my place, which I have never really visited. Of course you know how it is: “Oh, it’s just around the corner; we can visit anytime.” So together with my new friend in town, we went to this man-made wharf in the Persian Gulf Shoreline. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to reach there from home. The regular rate for a 1-hour dhow tour is 150 dirhams and is open until 10pm. Unfortunately we arrived a little late so we haven't able to experience the dhow tour with a traditional buffet as they say. 

While walking along the shore and enjoying the awesome sights in the middle of the night, we saw this one old isolated boat with a signage “for rent” - we just felt lucky. Well, we still managed to experience the sailing trip and the ultimate ride of the famous Dhow Cruise in UAE. 

While everyone are in their deep-sleep, 
we're enjoying the rest of dhow cruise under the stars,
 such a sweet escaped,
and let's forget about the real world!

To book online you may want to contact these ff. numbers:
Mobile: +971-50-2768-111
Phone: +971-4-4569-944

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Iceland Water Park in RAK rocks!

Have you ever been to one of the coolest place in the United Arab Emirates? By the word “cool”, I mean an unlimited access to all the rides, as well as the use of rubber rings and life jackets and fun-filled day at one of the best water park in the Middle East. If not, then hop in for a ride now. Whenever a holiday trek comes on your mind, you don’t only search for your own intriguing package but one those points towards providing excitement. 

This weekend I finally visited what is probably the adventurous place in the emirate of RAK (Ras Al Khaimah) "The Iceland Water Park". It’s a 1-hour drive from our place and they usually opens at 10am. So together with my sis, we set off early for our drive to reach there at 10 and start the fun of what we expect to be an amazingly thrilling day.

Iceland Water Park is inspired by the phenomenon of global warming and themed to be the new homeland for the penguins along the coastal waters of the Arabian Sea. Name any position of the playful penguins and they recreated it there – on top of chalet, sliding on melted ice, dancing in groups, the details are quiet awesome.

Btw, we bought our tickets online. 
There are tons of deals and offers available on the web so it is more convenient for you and not to complain about the long queue you might get there which is time consuming.        

See? Penguins are everywhere!

This is one of my favorite spot as you can see at the background they have this huge cool place called "Dancing in the rain" where you can take a long shower with matching loud music in it, seems like you're inside a Bar with no alcohol but a massive shower room instead.

This huge facility is all about rides and fun so its no surprise at all that they can cater to more than a thousand guests on weekends and holidays. 

The Hurricane Ride! 
It's crazy cause I rode it thrice. :D

And lets not forget the top high thrill rides. For adult thrill seekers this is the place to go. I've actually rode every slides available here even the 3-thousand feet slides. I was ultimately challenged to try their highest slide called “Mt. Attack” and I screamed to death, seriously it's really one hell of a ride.  lol, This Mt. Attack ride gave me a heart attack. I think I just died for 3 seconds after sliding. Haha

For a die-hard football fan, they also have full sized football field inside the water park area.

It was a great experience overall. 
Take your worries off your forehead. 
Experience rides and thrill-filled adventures to indulge in, swimming, 
slides and much more in Iceland at RAK City.

Ice Land Waterpark
Location: Ras Al Khaimah, U.A.E.
Toll Free: 800 WOWRAK (969 725)
Telephone: +971 07 8882067