Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I’m in Hong Kong, for the nth time, which is hands down one of my favorite city in the world. After working and dwelling in the desert for about a year, I finally got to visit my second home - HONG KONG! I’ve visited it well over a dozen times, and I don’t think there’s a city I’m more passionately familiar with than Hong Kong (I get lost in Dubai despite the “grid” system, yet I could guide you around Hong Kong with my eyes closed) kiddin.
I get asked all the time why I love Hong Kong so much, and I have a hard time explaining it. So I figured I’d step back and kind of explain what I enjoy when it comes to travel, and frame that in the context of Hong Kong.
First of all, Hong Kong is just such a gorgeous city. As far as I’m concerned, for me Hong Kong has the most beautiful skyline in the entire world. Even though I’ve visited well over a dozen times, I literally get giddy every time I arrive in Hong Kong and see the Hong Kong Island skyline from The Avenue of Stars. 

Similarly, while it’s touristy, the view from Victoria Peak leaves me in awe every time.

But what I really love about Hong Kong is the vibe — it’s one of the only cities in Asia I could actually imagine living in. You have parts of Kowloon where you literally feel like you’re in the middle of China, while you take the Star Ferry to Hong Kong Island and feel like you’re in the most modern city in the world.

And let's not forget about nightlife in Hong Kong. One of the reasons why I just love Hong Kong is, - it's a home for party people. Bar is open 24/7. People are quite nice and friendly. I loved seeing drunk people on the streets, nobody cares how you look like so long as everyone's having fun and making their night most out of it. Really a fun City! I really wanna move here but not as easy as Dubai. 

So here's the rest of happenings of my stay in HK! 
"Jagerbomb shots"

"Blowjob shots"
I realized I’m all over the place, because I can’t actually put into words why I love Hong Kong. And I think that’s actually what makes travel beautiful. If I could put into words what I loved about it so much, then it could be experienced “virtually” and there would be no need to visit.
But there’s something about Hong Kong that leaves me feeling energised, that leaves me feeling like I’m missing out on life if I’m not out in the streets. And every time I leave Hong Kong I get that empty feeling in the pit of my stomach like I’m leaving home.

I will miss you Hong Kong,
See you next time....