The Girl Behind The Words

This blog is about how I experience this glitter sandbox. 
I am pretty normal and I live a normal (at times boring) life. 
I don't take the limo to work and I don't arrive at parties in my private helicopter, 
I don't stay at 7 stars hotels, nor do I withdraw my salary from the gold bar machine.

A former call-center agent, born and raised in the Philippines, youngest in the family and tried hard to break-free from the suffocating love of a closely-knit Filipino family and was successful in doing so at the age of 26.

She spent her life for about two years now in Dubai as a Procurement Specialist for Engineering firm and crossing her fingers as she gets wonderful memories for the rest of her stay in the emirate.

She used to be a rockstar (just kidding), She's a music lover – she grew up with a musically inclined environment. She wanted to study Journalism and Engineering but ended up in a Business study field and stuck of being a cubicle dweller. She got a lot of hidden talents which for the benefit of mankind MUST REMAIN HIDDEN. 

This is the ramblings of a Filipina living in Dubai while discovering the rest of the world. She hail from a small town in the Philippines and knew that she wanted to see as much as she can in this big world that we live in. Her passion in life is traveling, so when she mustered enough courage – she jumped in a plane headed towards Dubai and worked in the City. That was the first of the many series of steps that she had to take to finally live the life she wants to lead. Her blog will tell you that story, the actions and experiences she had taken, to where she is now and all other things that she wants to further achieve.

She writes about her dreams and the realization of some of it, the destinations she wants to take. She writes about her passion, the endless loop of thoughts and ranting obsessions will always remind her to be human with all humility; found it liberating to be allowed to learn and make mistakes. Capturing memories of the daily life, liberating the soul, putting methods to madness, reliving the dream, finding solace and falling in love over and over are “The Midnight Ink” made of.

This is a personal blog of her whereabouts. She writes anything about lifestyle, travel adventures, taste in fashion, food discoveries and her fascination in photography. 

If you’re a soul wanderer – then please, visit her site and she will try not to disappoint you.

For collaboration, queries, exchange of thoughts or even just by saying a simple Hi, 
Please drop me a line.

Be heard and speak your mind!

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