Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Floating Restaurant: Dhow Cruise

It’s a lovely evening to go out on a romantic date, and being in Dubai, it has to be somewhere that’s either the biggest in the world or the tallest.

So off we drove to Dubai Creek located in Deira close to my place, which I have never really visited. Of course you know how it is: “Oh, it’s just around the corner; we can visit anytime.” So together with my new friend in town, we went to this man-made wharf in the Persian Gulf Shoreline. It takes 10 to 15 minutes to reach there from home. The regular rate for a 1-hour dhow tour is 150 dirhams and is open until 10pm. Unfortunately we arrived a little late so we haven't able to experience the dhow tour with a traditional buffet as they say. 

While walking along the shore and enjoying the awesome sights in the middle of the night, we saw this one old isolated boat with a signage “for rent” - we just felt lucky. Well, we still managed to experience the sailing trip and the ultimate ride of the famous Dhow Cruise in UAE. 

While everyone are in their deep-sleep, 
we're enjoying the rest of dhow cruise under the stars,
 such a sweet escaped,
and let's forget about the real world!

To book online you may want to contact these ff. numbers:
Mobile: +971-50-2768-111
Phone: +971-4-4569-944