Friday, February 20, 2015

WHAT BROUGHT ME HERE: And So I blogged....

Well, it's officially been a year. As it goes with living abroad and in life generally, some days feel like they'll never end, and some days just fly by. But when we look back on the past year, we reminisce about the adventure it's been and smile at the thought of my first year as a desert dwellers in this crazy City. 

It’s been an amazing year of writing online. The blog has pushed me to widen my interest on new things and dabbling to photography and it has kept my sanity in so many ways. You have no idea how expat life can be lonely at times.

I dabbled into blogging earlier last year but created this blog way back in 2013 in the Philippines. This blog is just like Dubai - from nothing to something. I've started writing back in January 2014 and honestly it isn't a good start. I don't even know what to write, I have zero viewer and of course you know the feeling of being defeated, just like when I gave up my life in the Philippines and shifted to a new City - I moved to a new City where I don't know a single soul and now been living here for about a year and starting to like a little bit - this includes; spending weekends in the beach on a sunny morning, drink shisha up late, meet a random stranger and decided to write a blog where I can talk about my boring days which friends and loved ones gets to read them while I am asleep in another time zone.

It’s a pretty simple question with a not-so-simple answer. Why put out your life, or parts of it, on the Internet for strangers to read about? Well, why not? So, why do I blog?

First of all, I was greatly inspired by Jinna Yang and other people who blog mostly of their travel goals. 

Jinna Yang is a lifestyle and travel photographer from New York who left everything behind to follow her dreams in Europe. Her portraits are particularly among my interests and favorites and she made the biggest impact of my life that I could relate on through her blog hoping that I'll be an inspiration to others too, maybe one day!

The second reason why I blogged is, I realised my love and passion for photography. I wanted to capture the series of events of my life and the things around me. Who cares about your million selfies? Do you think your skin will stay taut and firm forever? Wouldn’t you love to have something to look back and see how youthful it looked once upon a time? Ask any grandma or grandpa their old pics and they are mighty proud to show you some. Too bad there are only a few as photographs were expensive back in the day! Sure thousands of nature photos are great but it’s always good to put yourself in the picture too and if you have no tripod? Selfie away! While I’m all about taking selfies, I don’t think there is a need to publish them all the time, across all your social media accounts. I have more than 1,000 photos in my phone and I do post a little here and there, consciously and sparingly because my friends, family, blog readers or Instagram followers know there’s no difference in my face today and yesterday. So go ahead, take a selfie!

Another reason I have for having a blog is that one day I might suffer from amnesia or alzheimers and forget who I am. Yes, I know this is probably from watching too much dramas and romantic movies but it is definitely a possibility. I want something people can make me read to bring back my memories. And this blog will be good for that. It has my stories and pictures. It’s something I can leave to my family when I die. If in case I “go” before my future husband does, then he has this blog to remember me by.

Finally, this blog is a record of how I've changed through the years. I read old posts from a year ago and it’s amazing to see how differently I think now. It’s like my belief system underwent a complete makeover. It’s weird reading your thoughts, especially the emotionally heavy ones, and not feels the same onslaught of emotions that you were feeling at that time. On the other hand, reading about personal achievements, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, can do so much to motivate you to be better. That’s how it works for me. Reading about happy life events always make me smile and remind me that things will be better. 

There are tons of reasons for every man's blogs. Others reasons are to cope with sadness, loneliness or depression, to do business, sell products and services. 
How about you blogmates? 
I’d love to know and hear the reason behind your blogs. 
Share your stories on my comment box below. 

Photo Credits: Pinterest